ProKNX Voice-Controlled System for Smart Homes

Are you aware you can get a multi-lingual voice-controlled system for your smart home or building? Thanks to ProKNX’s innovative smart speaker technology, you can get a voice-controlled system that works offline, integrates well with current and future technology, and protects your privacy concerns. The KNX smart speaker allows homeowners to access an affordable, scalable, functional, and secure voice control system without the security concerns of using IoT technology.

Here is everything you need to know about it.

How does the smart speaker work?

ProKNX has built their smart speaker on the Sonos AI voice platform that combines Natural Language Understanding and machine learning, allowing the smart speaker to understand and respond to instructions from homeowners in different languages. The Sonos platform, formerly known as Snips, contains private-by-design voice technology that enables the ProKNX smart speaker to function without the internet connection.

Benefits of using this smart speaker

A downside of most IoT solutions is their intrusion on privacy because of their dependency on internet connectivity. Fortunately, not every IoT solution abuses your right to privacy or has a risk of becoming absolute in the distant future. This KNX smart speaker is one of the best voice control systems for your smart home for various reasons, including:


IoT solutions have come a long way in providing homes and office buildings with innovative technology that can automate manual tasks while promoting sustainability. The KNX smart speaker allows people to use their voice to perform simple, smart functions, including controlling room temperature, switching TVs, opening and closing blinds, or manipulating the home theater system. The Smart Speaker from KNX is a superior voice control system because it’s designed to recognize new words in your natural language, meaning you can customize it to suit your needs.


It can be a bit frustrating when an exceptional voice-control IoT solution rolls out into the market in a language you can’t understand. Fortunately, this smart speaker is ideal for a multi-lingual market, ensuring smart homeowners from different linguistic backgrounds can enjoy this revolutionary technology.

This KNXsmart speaker is available in various languages, including French, German, and English. As a smart homeowner, you can effortlessly interact with the smart speaker to perform voice control functions, such as manipulating your home entertainment system and controlling the temperature.

Works with local connections

Unlike most IoT solutions, the KNX smart speaker can effortlessly function offline, meaning it can function without an internet connection. You don’t need the stress and inconvenience that comes from subscribing to the World Wide Web to get access to your Smart Speaker IoT solutions.

With a local connection, you can effortlessly connect to your smart speaker and derive all the benefits of using the Internet of Things in your home or office building. The ability to use your Smart Speaker offline protects your privacy since it makes it virtually impossible for attackers to hack your personal data.

Seamless integration

KNX prides itself in producing high-quality smart home technology that can integrate with virtually any modern and future technology. Whether you are using the KNX Home Automation system, custom voice control system, or any off-the-shelf voice control program, you don’t have to worry about integration because the KNX smart speaker is compatible with most smart home solutions.

Easy connection

Don’t you just hate when smart home solutions have a thousand and one instructions you need to follow to enjoy IoT benefits? In an age when innovation and connectivity are the driving forces of domestic and global economies, it’s unreasonable to expect homeowners to make do with substandard, hard-to-use, or had to use IoT solutions. Fortunately, this KNX smart speaker allows you to get a high-quality voice control system that is easy to set up and use.


With ProKNX smart speaker, you can enjoy all the benefits of using a superior voice control system without worrying about data privacy because it works independently from the internet. If you are looking for an affordable, functional, scalable, and easy-to-use voice control system for your home, you can’t go wrong with the ProKNX smart speaker.