The KNX IoTech Keynote

The KNX loT Keynote event was used to present the first KNX IoT technology and the first KNX I0T 3rd party API products and solutions to the world.


This page offers you the Best of the KNX loT Keynote event as well as the direct links to the different sections and the full video below.


Heinz Lux

CEO, KNX Association

A brief introduction to KNX and its journey and values that has now enabled the association to launch the KNX IoTech and envision the future of smart homes and buildings.


Joost Demarest

CTO, KNX Association

The technology landscape and how KNX’s IP technology, which had been launched in 2007, laid the foundation for KNX IoTech. He also provides a glimpse of what’s next for KNX IoTech.


Jesús Arias

Members & Business Development, KNX Association

Jesus Arias explains one of KNX’s case studies in a key application of IoT, the digital twin. KNX Member company, SIMLAB, created a digital twin of an existing property for better visualisation and management.


Luis Catalán

Channel Manager at Schneider Electric

KNX Association and Schneider Electric share a common purpose to make smart living a reality and Luis talks about the collaborations to develop solutions that are cyber secure and IP-based.


Marek Kozlak

Founder & CEO, SIMLAB

Sim-On, the first KNX IoTech solution, bring a complex 3D digital experience for every property, for every way of life, providing control, management, and maintenance of the property.


Casto Cañavate

Marketing Team Leader, KNX Association

The KNX IoTech Program, a framework that sets the best standard for the IoT industry in the arena of smart homes and buildings, is made to ensure that the future of IoT continues to create value.

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