Make inventive solutions to real-world wicked problems using the KNX Technology. The first KNX Hackathon is a collaborative international space which aims to become the largest annual global hackathon using the KNX technology to create solutions for smart homes that improve people’s lives and impact the planet in a positive way, making societies more sustainable.


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Sustainable solutions that reduce the CO2 carbon footprint

KNX Hackathon 2023 will focus on sustainability, with the aim of motivating the making of ideas that would enable a more sustainable world.


Over the course of two days, KNX brings participants from around the world together at in-person and virtual local spaces to solve a challenge by KNX experts .


The criteria to choose winners will be based on what describes and measures how KNX solutions or KNX projects help to reduce the use of energy as well as CO² carbon footprint.


The participant projects should be focused on solutions for smart homes, buildings that demonstrate energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissiong for a sustainable for and smart living using the KNX technology.


Additional added value will be considered for those projects also using the latest innovations of KNX KNX IoT technology as well as KNX Secure devices.

Why participate?


You’ll be featured in all our communication media


You’ll be in with the chance of winning a financial prize


Promotion within the media of sponsor and partners


Webinar promoting the idea so that it can be executed by other professionals around the world


Are you interested in participating at the KNX Hackathon 2023 but need ideas to join?


Your challenge is to demonstrate how KNX technology makes the most efficient use of energy and has a good impact on global warming through the reduction of CO2 emissions. Think about how you can demonstrate that KNX products, KNX solutions or KNX projects help save energy for the users and how to make a stand on the importance of integrating the concept of energy efficiency in their daily life.


Every team or individual can participate to solve one or several challenges. After selecting the challenges, we will provide you with a template in which you will have to complete all the detailed information about your solution.


In general, all the challenges will bring you to answer questions such as: how much energy was used without this product, service, or project? And, how much energy does the user save thanks to its creation? Provide the estimations in energy and cost for the user, what is the saving of CO2 footprint emissions? And so on.


We want you to get as creative as possible so if you have your own idea to submit to the KNX Hackathon, please opt for the “My own challenge” below and tell us about your personal or team idea, we will be pleased to incorporate it into the competition.

The best product that saves the most energy

The best solution that combines products to reduce the use of energy of different devices

The energy management application that integrates renewable sources of energy to a home

The excess of energy generation

Own challenge


Why participate in the KNX Hackathon?

Because KNX can help build a more sustainable future. KNX Association is aware that so many of you are helping to reduce energy consumption in buildings using KNX in all sorts of ways, which is why it is launching KNX Hackathon 2023 as an opportunity to prove what a difference using KNX can make. As KNX Association Marketing Team Leader, Casto Cañavate, puts it, “Our long-term vision is to see KNX used everywhere for energy-efficient homes, buildings and cities, but whilst we know KNX can make a big difference in saving energy, we need the figures to back up our claims. There is already a lot of great work going on by individuals and companies in reducing the carbon footprint of buildings, and the KNX Hackathon will help us bring this experience together to produce the hard facts we need to persuade the wider world that KNX is a compelling choice. This is our opportunity to prove that KNX is helping to build a more sustainable future.”

Who can enter?

The competition is open to all comers all over the world. Any individual or team can enter, including students, hobbyists, professionals, scientific members, manufacturers, distributors and non-members.


There are a range of challenges to choose from. As long as you can prove how KNX saves energy, your entry will be publicized and you will be in with a chance to be selected as a finalist.

Is it worth entering?

Absolutely! This is a great opportunity to put yourself, your team or your company on the map as an energy-saving champion. KNX Hackathon 2023 offers something for everyone, as every valid submission will be listed and receive a free marketing package for the year. In addition, selected finalists will be in the running to win prize money plus the prestigious ‘KNX Hackathon 2023’ trophy.


The effects of KNX Hackathon 2023 will be far-reaching and long-lasting. Not only will it provide our industry with hard evidence that could make all the difference in pitches, proposals, consultations, tenders etc, but it will also provide a platform to share experience, ideas and best practice in terms of energy saving, so that others can benefit from it.

How, where and when will it take place?

KNX Association provides guidelines, ideas and set challenges for all entrants and you can also present your own challenges and projects. The competition will be a hybrid event. First, there will be the opportunity to provide a virtual submission as part of the KNXperience event in Q3/4 2023, involving a video and presentation of results. Then there will be the opportunity to present submissions in person in a dedicated expo area at the KNX Scientific Conference due to take place Q3/4 2023. All entrants can choose whether to enter the virtual or real-life events or both. The finalists and winners will be selected by a specially-appointed jury of industry experts and will be notified in the new year.

When can I register for KNX Hackathon 2023?

Registration for KNX Hackathon 2023 is now open.


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