Wiser for KNX

About This Project

Wiser for KNX is a server from Schneider Electric, which has been in the market for several years, and offers an environment to create visualizations, build logic and has other server-related features. It is the first server in the market offering the KNX IoT 3 Party API server functionality. Thanks to this option, Schneider Electric can create its own software clients to communicate to the server, using the most advanced KNX technology developed to the date: a standardized API. Additionally, the manufacturer can open the KNX IoT 3 Party API server to third parties, enabling an unprecedented cooperation between KNX Members, who can enjoy the benefits of a standardized solution: faster developments and smoother integration, hence reducing development costs.


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KNX Member: Schneider Electric Industries S.A.

Product class: Certified KNX Device

Installation: On premises

Connectivity with installation: KNX IoT 3rd Party API

Connectivity with application client: Non applicable

Connectivity with server: KNX IoT API

Application: Digital Twin Property – It works with KNX IoT 3 Party client: SIM-ON, by SIMLAB