ARAGON PoE offline voice assistant for KNX (ProKNX SAS)

About This Project

AI based offline voice control device for home automation which fits in a flush mounted box. Compatible with all switch fronts in 55 x 55 mm. Connected through PoE. Voice commands are only processed locally. Unrestricted vocabulary is learned dynamically via the AI of the software. Automatic reading of the system configuration of a server for visualization (please contact us if your server is supported).

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KNX Member: ProKNX SAS

Product class: Non-Certified KNX Device (Server)

Installation: On premises

Installation: KNXnet/IP

Connectivity with application client: Other

Connectivity with server: Other

Application: Building automation, Healthcare, Well-being, Other

Certified KNX devices: KNX-proServ, Gira X1, any KNX Net/IP gateway/router standard and secure