KNX launches KNX IoTech, a basis for the future of IoT in home and building automation

The internet of things (IoT) is an exciting technology that has accelerated the transformation of businesses and has been a catalyst in the development of important and innovative solutions across many industries. And as the concept of smarter and cleaner living becomes more popular, the home and building automation industry looks to IoT for the next stage in its evolution.

At KNX Association, we believe that the time has come for IoT technology to be more prevalent as smart and sustainable living benefits not only the users but our society and the planet. That is why we are excited to announce the launch of KNX IoTech, which will serve as the foundation for the next generation of smart homes and buildings. 

KNX IoTech, an expansion of the successful KNX technology

The IoT technology is built on the principle of many devices communicating and sharing data among themselves via the internet. However, this is not something new as it has been around for much longer. In 2007, KNX launched an extension to the KNX technology to transmit KNX information across an IP network. This technology, known as KNXnet/IP, works as an extension to the traditional KNX cabled system, whereby the entire KNX information is tunnelled or routed in an IP frame. The KNXnet/IP solution has been very successful and is widely used across many different solutions in different markets.

KNX IoTech is an extension of IP technology by introducing improvements and features that modern solutions require. It opens the door for many more manufacturers and developers to the KNX technology, thus allowing KNX to offer a wider range of devices and products for the end-users. With KNX IoTech, the KNX data shared can be more easily identified in terms of the source of the data and more easily understood.

Simplifying data to be better interpreted and understood

KNX has designed the KNX Information Model, which documents the different concepts known in a KNX system and the relation between them. In this way, a machine can better interpret the data it receives from a KNX installation. Until now, this information had to be derived from a project exported by the KNX planning and commissioning tool, ETS, of which the format changed regularly and also contained a lot of information which a typical receiver is not interested in. With the new Information Model, receivers can understand the meaning of the KNX data available and focus only on the relevant information that can allow them to make smarter decisions.

The new standardized KNX IoT interface called 3rd Party API will allow KNX members to add more meaning to the product data. This allows the interface to be fed with information via a file exported by the KNX installer from ETS, which also provides the same semantic information to anyone or anything accessing it. This makes it much easier for a machine to figure out what the information it has received relates to. 

The availability of this additional semantic information gives rise to new possibilities such as setting up an analytics platform based on this data for optimization of operational efficiency, predictive maintenance, energy management visualization, etc. The planning stage will also benefit from this semantic information as it will identify the right products for the home or building automation project. Such tools could even create rudimentary ETS projects for the KNX installer, who then would only need to do the last fine-tuning before loading the information into the devices.

In a dynamic market, agility and quicker product development are valuable

There are so many facets to smart living and every client has unique needs. Solutions must go beyond being innovative to being customisable as well. Developing a solution by starting from scratch is a lengthy process and by the time the product hits the market, some other solution may have captured that market or the needs from that solution itself may have transformed. 

With KNX IoTech, manufacturers can have a quicker time to market when designing KNX solutions for smart homes & buildings by having access to the IoT technology. The speed of developing and releasing new products to the market is also reduced by KNX’s highly reliable security mechanisms that are part of the KNX IoTech. Subsequently, the risks and costs involved to bring a new product into the market also are lowered for the manufacturers. By utilising KNX’s IoT technology, manufacturers can be a part of the wide range of KNX’s product offerings to provide a complete and customisable solution for homes and buildings.

Smart living for all with KNX IoTech

With KNX IoTech, KNX is opening the doors to new possibilities with IoT technology. Our mission is to make smart living ubiquitous with smart homes and buildings so that life can be more comfortable, secure, sustainable, and convenient. KNX IoTech helps us achieve this mission by widening the products available under KNX solutions through simplification and better access to the IoT technology for all manufacturers and professionals. KNX IoTech is already now available to be your gateway to the IoT ecosystem.