KNX IoTech: What’s next

At KNX, we believe that the best technologies stay relevant by constantly rolling out new updates and improvements to them. It keeps them moving forward to become the best version to solve real-world problems and satisfy the users. So it is without any doubt that we will continue to build upon KNX IoTech to deliver the best solutions for all our stakeholders.

Here are some of the exciting things that are in the pipeline for KNX IoTech:

Businesses are already developing IoT solutions with KNX Iotech and more are yet to come

With the 3rd Party API specifications already approved, any business, developer, or manufacturer can use the power of the KNX IoT technology to build valuable and innovative products and solutions. Some of them are already available on the market and soon there will be more. You can check them out and be updated at:

You can also check out the case study of how Schneider Electric, one of the biggest corporations in Europe, and Simlab, a Polish startup, collaborated to utilise the KNX platform to build a solution that creates a Digital Twin property.

Making Point API compatible with future versions of ETS.

Our goal is to open up the possibilities for new and innovative product developments within the smart home and building space. KNX Point API makes this possible and as its open specs are now approved and finalised, we can expect many innovations thanks to this. With off-the-shelf software, manufacturers can avoid building products from scratch and make the most of KNX data and platform to make their solutions smarter. Thanks to Point API the development and configuration time of devices will decrease drastically. This is good for the manufacturer (less time and effort to produce a product with KNX technology, in this case, IoT) and also for the installer (low integration efforts in adding products using KNX IoTech).

All the standardised configuration, specific data formatting, and integration can be achieved by one single powerful tool, the ETS. We have launched the latest version of the same with ETS6 that helps in planning, designing, and commissioning all smart living solutions for homes and buildings in just one tool. It is the smart, secure, and open way to make smart living solutions much more accessible.

We have prioritised making ETS6 capable of configuring future KNX-based devices that can make it compatible beyond the already compatible 8000+ products offered by 500+ manufacturers in the world of smart homes and buildings. This project is ambitious and we are excited about it. Our technical team is doing their utmost efforts to have this ready in 2023.

Voice control for smart IoT devices

In recent years, voice-activated and -controlled devices are becoming more common and gaining in popularity. It is not long before voice control becomes a norm and a common expectation in the world of smart devices. It is a must in an environment where people interact, particularly with young people. KNX and our partners have identified this trend and are looking to be at the forefront in the space for great solutions that make life easier and more efficient. ProKNX, a KNX member that focuses on developing very specific KNX devices, is coming up with a voice control device that can function without the need to use cloud services. The strength of this product is its independence from cloud services and therefore it is not Internet dependent. They have release their new client solution using KNX IoT 3rd Party API and in collaboration with Schneider Electric by using Wiser for KNX as a server. You can read all the details in the case study.