Make inventive solutions to real-world wicked problems using the KNX Technology. The first KNX Hackathon is a collaborative international space which aims to become the largest annual global hackathon using the KNX technology to create solutions for smart homes that improve people’s lives and impact the planet in a positive way, making societies more sustainable.


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Sustainable solutions that reduce the C02 carbon footprints

KNX Hackathon 2023 will focus on sustainability, with the aim of motivating the making of ideas that would enable a more sustainable world.


Over the course of two days, KNX brings participants from around the world together at in-person and virtual local spaces to solve a challenge by KNX experts .


The criteria to choose winners will be based on what describes and measures how KNX solutions or KNX projects help to reduce the use of energy as well as CO² carbon footprint.


The participant projects should be focused on solutions for smart homes, buildings that demonstrate energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissiong for a sustainable for and smart living using the KNX technology.


Additional added value will be considered for those projects also using the latest innovations of KNX KNX IoT technology as well as KNX Secure devices.

Why participate?


You’ll be featured in all our communication media


You’ll be in with the chance of winning a financial prize


Promotion within the media of sponsor and partners


Webinar promoting the idea so that it can be executed by other professionals around the world